It is the policy of Max Rieke & Bros. Inc. to perform all work with the highest regard to safety of all of our employees, contract associates, and general public.

The management of Max Rieke & Bros. Inc. has established a Corporate Safety Program to provide a safe and healthy work place and is committed to abide by all regulations as they apply to our industry, as set forth in federal, state and local standards, and exercise good practices as dictated by circumstances and locations. If any project rules or hazards arise that require a change in these procedures, the Supervisor shall ensure work will not begin until fully discussed and implemented to ensure safe work at all times. Safety is of utmost importance in the performance of all duties and must not be neglected in emergencies or because of undue haste. To this end we will utilize our safety program in our daily activities. It is necessary that the company establish safety rules and regulations to be observed by all employees at all times. 

Regarding these rules, the following is to be considered standard procedure for all employees: 

  1. If a safety regulation becomes modified so that the employee’s safety is endangered, stop the work, and inform your supervisor. 
  2. All questions concerning the “why” for doing something in a certain manner may be asked of any member of management at any time. 

Employee decisions should always be guided by the company’s commitment to safety. Should a hazardous situation or condition exist, and a decision has to be made on safety or production, safety should always be the primary concern. 

It is the job responsibility of everyone to see that every employee is provided with safe working conditions and that they observe all safety regulations and use good common sense to protect themselves as well as others. Management will periodically inspect work conditions and may suspend all work activity until an unsafe condition is corrected. 

The most important part of safety is our employees. It is up to each person to abide by the safety rules – that are made for their protection. All employees will report any personal injury or near miss IMMEDIATELY, however minor, and all dangerous conditions, substances and practices to their supervisor, who in turn will immediately notify GPES. Optimizing our safety performance must be the number one priority for all of us at Max Rieke Brothers, Inc. With everyone’s cooperation, we know that we can succeed!